Dog Dining Plate


Make your dinner guests paws for thought by presenting them with the wonderful Wild Dining Plate - Dog!

Dylan isn’t the kind of dog that wants to have his day; he’s all about the evenings. So, if you’re wondering what your dinners lack in terms of taste and entertainment, the answer could be this canine companion and member of the Mustard menagerie.

What Dylan lacks in terms of pedigree, he makes up for in canine charm. He’s all ears when you feel like saying your shaggy dog stories, and he’ll be there, the good listener that he is, to lend an ear to all your guests.

This quirky Frenchie dinner plate can make your dishes more palatable for the very simple reason that he’ll let you have your meals your way. Who else would join you for dinner and let you smear food all over their face just for the thrill of it? Nobody but Dylan. In his rock-n-roll T-shirt and denim vest, he’s ready for you to dish out your wildest food presentation!

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