Wall Art: Stay Wild

14.25 19.00

Art has a way of speaking directly to our hearts, grounding us in what matters, and reminding us of what’s possible. We bring together natural wood, uplifting messages, and contemporary designs in a way that’s sure to add inspiration to the places you live and love. 

Unleash your inner wild animal with this playful and bright piece. Designed in the shape of an adorable cheetah, this cute kitty cat offers a reminder to stay true to ourselves and embrace moments of fun and happiness. 

  1. 1 piece of art, screen-printed on 1.5” thick natural wood 

  2. 7”W x 4.25”H x 1.5”D 

  3. Design showcases the natural grain pattern of the wood, so each piece has its own unique character 

  4. Designed in the US and made with sustainable FSC® wood 

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