Polaroid Multi Photo Frame


Bring cherished family memories back to life with the Polaroid Multi Photo Frame - Small!

Tell your story in a sequence of four moments captured on camera. Show glimpses of your children’s milestones and enhance your collection as they grow. And why not catch your pets at their naughtiest and trace their development as members of the family? Plus you could also display an array of small portraits and time-stamp the moments that meant too much to you to lay aside!

In stunning pure white, this stylish multi frame blends in seamlessly with your home décor and gives it a more sophisticated look. This Polaroid frame can store four of your most treasured moments with unbridled simplicity and unassuming elegance. It’s perfect for those proud ‘before and after’ snaps; drawing attention to the imagery, rather than the exterior.    

This versatile frame is just as stunning on a wall as it is on a desk, and it covers those blank spaces around the home splendidly. Fill in a small recess and add a warm touch to an empty wall, enhancing your home’s appeal.  

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Polaroid Multi Photo Frame - Small specifications

Material: painted MDF, glass
Dimensions: 26.5cm x 25cm x 3.5cm
Holds 4 x photos measuring 10.2cm x 10.2cm (4” x 4”) each
Can be both wall-mounted and desk-standing

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