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Geometric Wood Clock

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Add some sleek, modern flair to your kitchen, office, or living space with this Geometric Wooden Clock. A new classic, this clock does away with numbers and uses simple colors and painted wooden shapes to tell time. A blue “X” replaces the 12, a red triangle stands in for the 3, a green square represents the 6, and you’ll find a yellow oval at 9. Simple red linework painted on the face of the clock connects the shapes in a geometric design, and the look all comes together with slim, straight black minute and hour hands and a thin white second hand. Made from beech wood, this clock measures 10” tall by 10” wide by 1 ?” deep, making it lightweight enough for easy hanging yet deep enough to sit upright on a shelf. A hanging loop is integrated into the clock mechanism on the back of this pieces which takes one AA battery to opperate (not included). Designed by Chris Collicott and Briana Auel, this Geometric Wooden Clock adds a playful yet practical touch to any space.

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Clock - Geo Wood.jpg