Giant Magical Unicorn Pool Float

27.40 34.00

All it takes is a little bit of magic to win summer

Some research has shown that BigMouth Unicorns are more loyal companions than dogs. So while all of your friends flake on your pool plans this summer because they have to “work” or “babysit” or “go visit family”, the Giant Unicorn Pool Float will always be there to hang around with you. Did we mention that there are literally sparkles on the inside—just inflate and put it in the sunlight to watch it shimmer and shine. It’s available exclusively at Target. 

  • over 6 feet long!

  • actually sparkles in the sun

  • sized right for big fun in any size pool

  • a great for pool parties, beach days, and vacations

  • easy to wipe down, inflate/deflate, and store

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